Let Go



Diwali is a special time for all of us in India., Just like Christmas in the West. The grandiosity of such a festival is mind- boggling. A new start, fresh beginnings and friendship- reborn like a phoenix that rises from the ashes. But Diwali, like many other holidays in other places, has some bitter sweet memories for some of us. Everything old has had a small role to play in the way we are, the way we function and the way we behave. But leaving these old things, or changing habits is harder than we think.

We are propagators of change and yet when the time comes to change we are the most reluctant. For something new to take place, we have to get rid of the old. As Indians, we are big on the concept of ownership- whether for a house, a piece of land, a car or any other material possession. We have memories in every corner – the kitchen where we made our first meal, the driveway where you learned to drive your bike, the stairs that you wished weren’t there or the wall where you measured your kids. The memories we make help us go a long way. And its safe to say that we are more than a little possessive of these things. So when it comes to selling any of these items, it makes us feel like parents of the bride, giving away their daughter- bitter sweet.

We cant move forward without knowing where we’ve come from. But sometimes, we lose track of our roots. We forget who we are, what our values are and how we should treat others. In the tumult of our everyday lives, we forget that our friends and our families, are not our possessions. A fact that has been forgotten by most young people these days. We discard relationships and friendships instead of ego and pride. We value cars and phones instead of kind words and hugs. And then we come out with studies and wonder why is the youth in depression?

We see young people falling apart every day, relationships going to waste. But why is it that we never fight for each other and only against? Have we even forgotten how to fight for ourselves? All those people who have an oppressive partner or those people who have to deal with unreasonable bosses- are we so scared to be ourselves, that we lose our identity? We complain about everything and anything that comes our way, but we forget that unless we fight for ourselves and remove the old, nothing new, nothing better can make its way to us. Nature changes shorelines when required- and yet we’re scared to let go of our old selves to bring in something new.

“We must let go of the life we have planned

so as to accept the one we have waiting for us”- Joseph Campbell


Educated Fool

Version 2

Every country has its own education system. Every education system has its own share of benefits and drawbacks. But when the negatives outweigh the positives, a sort of abilitative redundancy sets into the minds of those receiving this education. It is not possible for such people to perform upto their full potential. An even more wretched and desolate thought is that these people don’t even realise that they are being duped.

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Mausoleum of Love


It is one of the most breathtaking and wondrous sights to behold and yet every-time I see it, it leaves me a tad melancholy. It had the air of a grand old woman who had drunk out of the cup of life and found a dead beetle at the bottom of it. To say beauty has a price, in this case atleast, would be spot on. The Taj Mahal is a national treasure that weeps for not only the dead who are buried in her foundations, but also the living who flock to see her.

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Savage Garden


As the human population is growing, we find ourselves confined to smaller spaces. So, as is logical, we grow our towns and cities without paying any heed to how the earth in that area will sustain the population. We find ourselves encroaching on the territory that belongs to creatures that were around long before we understood the meaning of civilisations. We claim their homes as our own and then when they fight back, we burn them alive and call them encroachers.

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Shape of You

Version 2

Men. Men today have forgotten what it is to be a man. In today’s day and age, males are so insistent on being boys and “living free” that they can no longer encompass the true meaning of being a man. Being a man not only refers to putting on a suit at a wedding- which, by the way, every man should do; even your best pair of jeans are NOT formals- it means being chivalrous, being compassionate and taking up responsibility of themselves, if no one else. Not someone who can just pay the bills like clockwork. But also take a hard look at yourself girls- because you have become exactly that and lost the spirit of being a woman.

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The Way You Look Tonight


“ All you have to do is take a shower and shave!”, is often what is said to most sons by their mothers and still women are told to lower their standards. Latest trends in clothing have somehow managed to make matters even worse. Gentlemen, seeing your underwear gaping through the gap between your too- short t-shirts and far-to-baggy jeans is not as picturesque, as you may have been deluded into believing.
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City of Blinding Lights


When people talk about art, the first things that come to my mind are paintings, sculptures or frescoes. No one ever talks about other forms of art like dancing or theatre. Especially in the Indian society, this is seen more as a hobby or something to do along with your daily job. Its not considered something you can make a living out of. Yet, India is considered as one of the hubs of ancient culture. A culture that is now slowly dying thanks to not only the “cultural groupism” that is so prevalent in India but also the habit we have of pulling each other down. Continue reading