Just the Way You Are

img_1027In today’s day and age, I find that humans are not only losing their humanity but also their humility. It is my belief that all those people who seem to have forgotten how to ‘be human’, should adopt a pet. Now while this may seem silly, mundane or inconsequential at best to most of you, let me explain why this is possibly the best thing that will ever happen to you.

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Lose Yourself


Old countries have old traditions, and traditions have a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect them to. But sometimes, we have to remember that these traditions need to evolve with time or they make life miserable. India is a country with a rich cultural heritage and traditions, which date back to a few centuries. Traditions which have shaped the way we eat, dress, pray or even interact with others. But what happens when these traditions become antediluvian and their existence slowly leaves you numb and gasping for air?

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Dance with the Devil


Recently, I had the privilege of seeing an exquisite classical dance performance. I say classical here, as this is not one of those fancy, new age freestyle forms. In the words of American slang, “This ain’t none o’ that”. Like any form of art that evolves with the passage of time and other cultural vicissitudes from the original scheme of things, this particular form of Bharatnatyam has evolved over centuries, dating back to the 3rd Century BCE.

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Bunny Love


How does one write only a few words when you have an entire lifetime squeezed into 7 years? A few days ago, the love of my life, my darling boy – Onyx crossed the rainbow bridge into doggie heaven. Without a sound, without a fuss, my angel left this mortal plane. Letting him go was the hardest thing I have ever done. This considering that I am no stranger to loss.

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Green Eyes


Those who know me say that I harp on about animal rights far too much. Those who read my blog say I harp on too much about heart-break and such. Today, I’m going to harp on about the environment. Humans are the result of nearly 3.8 billion years of evolution, but do we act like it?

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Lost in Transition


Why do we open ourselves to love over and over again one heart- break after another? Isn’t trying something again and again in the same way, expecting different results, a sign of dementia? I suppose the more romantic of our race would spout some fallacy on the lines of- “but love is crazy!” Codswallop.

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