Bunny Love


How does one write only a few words when you have an entire lifetime squeezed into 7 years? A few days ago, the love of my life, my darling boy – Onyx crossed the rainbow bridge into doggie heaven. Without a sound, without a fuss, my angel left this mortal plane. Letting him go was the hardest thing I have ever done. This considering that I am no stranger to loss.

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Green Eyes


Those who know me say that I harp on about animal rights far too much. Those who read my blog say I harp on too much about heart-break and such. Today, I’m going to harp on about the environment. Humans are the result of nearly 3.8 billion years of evolution, but do we act like it?

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Lost in Transition


Why do we open ourselves to love over and over again one heart- break after another? Isn’t trying something again and again in the same way, expecting different results, a sign of dementia? I suppose the more romantic of our race would spout some fallacy on the lines of- “but love is crazy!” Codswallop.

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Look into my Eyes


The progress of any civilization is measured by its capacity to tolerate different religions, sentiments and its ability to keep peace. Unfortunately, though our society claims to have studied the heavens, the Alpha and the Omega, we still have not managed to clan up and clean our own backyard.

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Progress is a wonderful thing. It enables us to do things faster, better and more easily. Traditions are also a wonderful thing. They enrich us with culture, experiences and even a way of life. Yet, ever so often we find ourselves in the desolate position of having to choose between the two. We render so many of our traditions obsolete with the onset of certain technological advance; which I suppose is right as certain things simply have to move on with time.

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Palpable History

old fort

Indian history is more than 10,000 years old. It existed before any religion, before the world was discovered, before England had a ruler. But perhaps the most interesting part about India is not only how old its history is but how every inch of the country plays a role, however insignificant, in shaping it. Yet, we feel the need to reduce that precious heritage to rubble and cherish what belongs to others.

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