On the 15th of August 2009, Chief Ministers of various states pledged to uplift many of the aliments currently plaguing the society. The most shocking of which was when the Bihar CM assured his people that no one would die of hunger in his state.  What is still astonishing is that now even after 68 years of freedom, we are fighting for the basic needs i.e., water, food and shelter. Sadly, we are still short on the most indispensable necessities of life.

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It’s a relatively new concept. Chopsticks or forks. Chopsticks have stood their ground with the test of time. Forks have twisted time itself. Arguably, forks are easier to use as compared to chopsticks but usually, the harder path is more fruitful.  Here’s a painful yet true fact, and I kid you not about this – chopsticks are healthier than forks. These wondrously shaped pieces of wood reduce the amount of food we eat.

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IMG00092-20110215-1740Is foreign cinema exploiting and glorifying Indian poverty? I say ‘no’. Foreign cinema is not glorifying poverty but simply trying to portray what most of the world today is facing.

Let us take an example of a controversial film – ‘Slumdog millionaire’. For those of us who have seen this cinematic creation by Danny Boyle, we would conclude that yes people do make their living in the slums. Not only in India but other parts of the world as well. It is not a mere fantastical situation created on the whim of a single individual but the bitter truth of reality.

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Every year the same disputes take place. Every year we become quarrelsome, irate and sometimes even downright nasty around the same time of the year; and this time we cant blame the hormones. Here is the phrase that gets us so infuriated that we dissent- vote bank politics. Not only is this phrase liberally applied in the political arena, but can now also be employed by those seeking education.

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Carpe Diem. Live the Moment


Carpe Diem. Live the Moment. A simple thought with tough implementation. Here I am sitting at my laptop, in office, waiting for inspiration to strike. Work environments, somehow, just don’t tend to make it in the top ten most inspiring places. I hear my colleagues crunching away with numbers; snippets of conversation with phrases like “the current CRR is…”, “… it can’t have an excess of 6 months…” I go into a daze.

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Critics too Critical


 They’re loquacious, arrogant and sometimes even border on the offensive; yet    their opinions are held under great reverence. Critics seem to have it all yet  belong  to nothing. They, who can be bought and sold like fruits in a market, hold  our work in contempt, scornfully mock our every diminutive mistake, leaving us  quite distraught; yet we set so much store by their words. And here I am antagonizing them in my first post.

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