Educated Fool

Version 2

Every country has its own education system. Every education system has its own share of benefits and drawbacks. But when the negatives outweigh the positives, a sort of abilitative redundancy sets into the minds of those receiving this education. It is not possible for such people to perform upto their full potential. An even more wretched and desolate thought is that these people don’t even realise that they are being duped.

Set on the fact that children must mug up their coursework without understanding it, the Indian education system probably confuses up our young more than any fantasy boy-rescuing-girl nonsense could. It takes away from us the power of thought, the power to think outside of the box; and more often than not, we are simply stuck in a race towards nothing.

Frequently, people ask as to why thats even necessary. Why should they change their way of thought? Because most of the time we don’t even realise that we are a part of a game that we don’t even want to play. And once this realisation dawns on us, it leads us to one of the following two situations- If we’re young and can manage to change our stream of work , we try to do so against the wishes of our parents and “What will the neighbours say?” The emotional drama that proceeds to ensue from this point on is nothing less than a Hindi sitcom; and hilariously so. But, if you aren’t luck enough to have age on your side, chances are that every time you lie down to sleep, you’ll catch yourself wishing things had gone differently- that you had had enough courage to do what you actually wanted. Nothing beats regret as you grow older.

The most powerful situation to be in, in todays world is as a teacher. The power to shape young minds, to help them differentiate between right and wrong, to help them grow- that I a true challenge that very few of us are willing to take the responsibility for. While education starts at home, our teachers and our Gurus shape us as human beings. They take their entire lives to impart all their knowledge to us, and it is upto us whether we use that wisdom for the benefit of not only ourselves but also society, or we exploit everything we learn from them to weaken everyone else and make ourselves feel superior. Unfortunately, in todays commercial world, our teachers seem to have lost the sanctity of their own profession.

Today, whether we look at the most premier University of India- Delhi University or Government MCD schools, the situation is the same; dilapidated buildings, missing teachers and aimless children. Before some of my readers argue that DU has produced very notable personalities, let me draw attention to the fact that said University has been around since 1922; so it should have produced atleast someone of note. Even our B-schools cannot give MBA degrees- they’re all PGDM’s. It quite hilarious to see the looks on the faces of international recruiters when they see ones accolades- the confusion of whether a PGDM equals an MBA. Can you imagine how painful that is for people who have gone through that?

Every one who has the responsibility to influence the future should do so with the utmost care because if you don’t teach your young to take care of those older than them, don’t wonder why you landed up in an old age home. It is upto our elders, our wisemen to enlighten us, to take us to the next level.

I’m an educated fool

So don’t know what is I’m supposed to do

About this awkward situation

That’s been forced down right upon me

As I’m walking down into

On my own into the valley of life


10 thoughts on “Educated Fool

  1. Very well articulated!
    But I have faith in technology and I’m sure one day technology will, sooner or later, make schools and universities redundant. Knowledge has now started becoming freely available to all….thanks to the internet.

  2. That’s an amazing post! Mostly because it was strongly opinionated an clearly the author did not fear as she rightly criticised some of the major drawbacks of the education system. The flow of the article poses some serious questions.

  3. Beautiful! So happy to read something on this subject! Our education system definitely needs an over haul! We need to build in a value system and get rid of the rat race culture. A country full of aimless educated fools is worse than an illiterate lot!

    Please do write more on such topics!

  4. Hey Prihana nice post!
    You will be happy to know that CHIP which works with needy children has introduced IT based learning into Govt primary schools for the first time in West Bengal.
    Digitising all the textbooks and trying to leap frog the edu divide.
    Keep smiling!
    Shekhar from the next seat in the plane

  5. Ma’am,
    Indian Education system has travelled a long journey since its inception. It had its own share of ups and downs; still it has influenced the Indian society and culture in big way. It presented Indian intelligentsia a key to the vast treasure of scientific and traditional philosophies. The prudent educational system of the time has strong roots in the Cultural richness of our country.
    But of late it has been a subject of lot of controversies. Why? ‘cause the actual quantity of teaching, the student receive, is extremely insufficient with poor quality of education due to inadequate pedagogic attention. We have several Vanguard educational institutions like DU, JNU, IIT, IIM… and the list is thankfully not short. It would be unfair to Judge the credentials of these institutions on the parameter of Personalities produced, Rather we should evaluate on basis of success ratio of pass out students.
    Correct me if I am wrong – our educational system is definitely ahead of other countries. We are super power in education with an array of world education opportunities.
    I would just say – system is good just the custodian of system should be checked. With custodian I mean teachers as well as government machineries in-charge of our educational system.
    The opinion is exclusively mine. Sorry if it has negate you anywhere.

    Lastly I would like to Quote ( Read it on some T-shirt):
    Things I never learned in School
    – How to do taxes
    – How to Vote
    – Whom to support in election
    – How to buy a House
    – Anything to do with Banking
    But thank God.. I still Live in a joint family and above all I know Pythagorean Theorem


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