The Way You Look Tonight


“ All you have to do is take a shower and shave!”, is often what is said to most sons by their mothers and still women are told to lower their standards. Latest trends in clothing have somehow managed to make matters even worse. Gentlemen, seeing your underwear gaping through the gap between your too- short t-shirts and far-to-baggy jeans is not as picturesque, as you may have been deluded into believing.

Society at large has conned us into thinking that women need to wear some form of make up or go through beauty treatments to look good, to feel beautiful and to appear in control. So why don’t we put men through to the exact same tests. Men wearing make up- ha! Sounds absurd doesn’t it? But is it too much to ask that he just shower, wear clothes which are actually his size and put away that hideous ego which makes him all the more unattractive? Regretfully, it would seem it is too much to ask.

What happened to that era of sharp suits and flowing dresses? Is that only reserved now for going to the Opera? Or will our generation make that crass, as well? Women seem to want to dress up as if they’re trying to sell themselves with men are increasingly focusing on buying their wares. Come on people! Why have you degraded what it is to be human? And lets not give that cheap excuse of fashion. Fashion is what you will make of it. Beauty and fashion is not just about the clothes you wear. Its about the attitude you carry, the personality that shines through and the mind that captivates.

Yes you read correct, your personality and your mind matters just as much. Imagine how boring it would be if the guy you’re out on a date with only ever spoke about work? Or if the girl you were dating only ever wanted to go shopping? What about books, movies, travel common likes and dislikes? And while we’re on the topic, partying is not a mutual point.

On a similar note, our generation seems to be promoting an extremely unhealthy lifestyle. Men & Women have the right to look good and feel comfortable in their own skin, but does that mean we tell our young people that it’s ok to be nearly emaciated? Or that being plus-sized doesn’t matter? Our body is our temple. It is given to us in this life to experience things and it is up to us to maintain this temple. I’m all for being comfortable in ones own skin, but being unhealthy or not liking oneself, is just no excuse. We shame young people for starving themselves, and then show over-weight people through the façade of them being “real”.

So darlings, and I do mean this in the most Marilyn Monroe- Frank Sinatra sort of way — do up your hair, put your high heels on and paint the town which ever colour you want, and don’t just waste away your time. Go out and live it.


“Some day, when I’m awfully low
When the world is cold
I will feel a glow just thinking of you
And the way you look tonight

Yes, you’re lovely, with your smile so warm
And your cheeks so soft
There is nothing for me but to love you
And the way you look tonight…”

– Frank Sinatra


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