Just the Way You Are

img_1027In today’s day and age, I find that humans are not only losing their humanity but also their humility. It is my belief that all those people who seem to have forgotten how to ‘be human’, should adopt a pet. Now while this may seem silly, mundane or inconsequential at best to most of you, let me explain why this is possibly the best thing that will ever happen to you.

When we bring a pet into our home we promise to look after it. Our pets are dependent on us for everything–water, food, shelter, but more importantly our love. They are in the true sense, our children. Why you ask? Because unlike human children, they will never get bored of us, stop loving us or throw us out of the house when we’re old, and on a more selfish note- they will never become self-sufficient enough to leave us. With close to little faith in humanity and their conscience, the selfish approach would be better understood.

Obesity is a growing concern in the world. It is an epidemic that most developed nations as well as developing nations such as India are fighting against. Obesity is life threatening and the only thing one can do is to lose that weight if we truly want to live. Any nutritionists will advice a steadily increasing level of workout as well as a control in one’s diet. Most of you would agree that dieting alone cannot solve the problem and some form of physical activity is absolutely necessary. And as it is human nature, we only prolong those things that we enjoy.

What better way to enjoy the cumbersome task of exercising than with a furry, hyperactive friend who always has your back? One of the major plus points- he/she wont shout at you for not completing your exercise. They’ll just be happy to keep walking with you, if that’s all you want to do. And when you see them do something silly, well that’s just an added bonus to brighten up your day.

To this little guy, or girl, you are the entire world. Their world starts and ends with you. They love you unconditionally. They love your friends, your ridiculous stream of boyfriends or girlfriends, they even love your smelly gym socks! Now imagine being showered with all this love every time you come home from work, pick up the leash for a walk, give them food, cuddle up in bed with them, basically all the time. That’s a whole lot’o lovin!

So image my horror when I went to the local animal shelter only to find every inch of it crammed with dogs and cats. It is impossible to conceive that so many people have abandoned their pets, or left them to die or just don’t take care of them anymore. Not only do they break a soul that loved them without bounds but also lose the only chance that they have of unconditional love. These little guys just sit in the shelter day after day because they’ve resigned themselves to the knowledge that no body wants them anymore.

Not only is it heartbreaking to see the light go out of their eyes, but to see them waste away- it diminishes your capacity to believe in humans. These guys don’t need million dollar presents or gold studded collars. They just want a lap to rest their head on. They don’t care whether you have Mercedes or a Maruti, if you treat them with love and respect, they’ll bounce it right back to you. It humbles me to know that despite the atrocities we put these pure souls through, they are still always willing to give us a second chance. So please, if you have any space in your house or love in your heart please go to your local animal shelter. Be a little selfish and gift yourself unlimited, untarnished and unconditional amounts of love.


One thought on “Just the Way You Are

  1. I think the human race has so much to learn, seemingly orientating itself towards a lower level.
    Mr Midnight and Sir Winston, from our blog “Gilmours Nice Place”, say that animals automatically “soak up” the energies of their human counterparts which will obviously make humans feel a lot better in the presence of animals.
    Mr Midnight cheekily adds that perhaps that is why many human pets seem to be two olives short of a pizza. They can´t help taking in the energy that surrounds them.
    I´ve already had a few words with Mr Midnight.
    Meow, purr purr and kind regards. 🙂

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