Green Eyes


Those who know me say that I harp on about animal rights far too much. Those who read my blog say I harp on too much about heart-break and such. Today, I’m going to harp on about the environment. Humans are the result of nearly 3.8 billion years of evolution, but do we act like it?

The other day, I was coming back from a grueling day at work. As is the case with many of our bosses, mine too had solemnly sworn to make my life a thing of unparalleled misery. Needless to say, in my glum mood, if anyone were to tick me off- well I’d feel bad for the poor sod. Just so happens though that the person I came across would have deserved what he got. Imagine this, a well groomed couple (or so I thought) in an admirable car pulled up besides me at the traffic signal. Just before the light changes to green, the window of the car rolls down and out pops an empty pack of cigarettes. Imagine my horror. Said car was then stopped by a cop for this monstrosity. Karma is a bitch.


Not only is it distasteful to see young couples littering the city, which they call home, but it is astounding to watch the flagrant disregard they have for something that does not directly belong to them. What is the point of the all that education, the money spent on their upbringing and their values if at the end of the day they’re going to throw out garbage, ultimately to be picked up by an uneducated person?


A recent study was released on the internet which stated that unless we stop taking the world we live in for granted NOW, we will have caused irreversible climatic damage in the next few years. Some cities like New York, Mumbai and Dubai would be entirely submerged under water. We will have killed the Earth. Since the dawn of mankind, thousands of species of plants and animals have gone extinct, for which we are responsible. Non- believers will argue that this is simply a race for the survival of the fittest. Is it really? Why don’t we put a human and a lion in a cage and see who survives?


Perhaps this is a little too much of a stretch. How can one person littering kill the entire world? This is where we’re wrong. This isn’t about one person. This is about all those people who keep the tap running while brushing their teeth when so much of the world population has no potable water. This is about the illegal poaching of ivory- no one needs an elephants teeth except an elephant. This is about chopping down a tree to put up a “Save Trees” sign. Corporates spend millions of dollars trying to make their product sustainable so that they can get the globally recognized Rainforest Alliance seal. But that’s just one product, what about the rest?


Unfortunately or fortunately, we don’t have much time. Our own attitude has been our harbinger of extinction. We don’t live for hundreds of years, but the generation after us, our kids, will have nothing to look forward to. Acid rain, oiled beaches and rising levels of toxicity will just be part of their short lives. We are the result of 3.8 billion years of evolution- its time we started acting like it.

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