Look into my Eyes


The progress of any civilization is measured by its capacity to tolerate different religions, sentiments and its ability to keep peace. Unfortunately, though our society claims to have studied the heavens, the Alpha and the Omega, we still have not managed to clan up and clean our own backyard.

Its heartbreaking to see that some of the most beautiful regions of the world are plunged in war simply because that war would help the economy of certain other developed countries. It is tragic that we would stand by and watch as children get torn apart by guns and missiles. And it is nothing short of horrific when we see our brothers, sons and father returning to us in a coffin rather than on their feet.

While we sit here glorifying porn stars and worrying about our 6-figure salary, someone in a war stricken country has had their world shattered by a tank that we helped finance because of our taxes coupled with our ignorance. They are living a destitute life while we ponder over whether to eat or throw away that extra cheeseburger.

What is most abhorrent however, is not the fact that these heinous crimes take place- but rather the absence of the need to stop them. We do not contest our “great leaders”; while our news channels only show things, which will get them higher viewership, a dancing, turtle maybe? Instead they are content to show the return of a celebrity to a dance show. Perhaps it is now that we have truly entered the dark ages as we blindly pass over crimes against humanity, which we know to be despicable. Our wretched sense of self-preservation hinders us from acting on what we know to be the right thing to do.

I am rendered speechless when I find our Ministers scamming the people that they have sworn to protect. What good is such a democracy where the people who support the Government are the ones who are cheated? We all follow some form of religion or spirituality or belief. How may of these religions or beliefs teach us to spread hate and war, I wonder. Boundaries exist only in our minds. These boundaries were made to differentiate us, to exploit us, to suppress us. This life, this land, these people around us are all we have in this life. If we keep postponing standing up for them, we’ll soon find ourselves in a similar situation with none to help us.

With information flowing freely thanks to the Internet, one would think that it would be easy to create an uproar. But in our race to get ahead of one another in our jobs and life, we seem to have forgotten the meaning of “humanity”. Maybe those tree-hugging hippies with their marijuana had it right after all. Because as far as I can see, all we’ve got now is a herd, not free thinking people. Just remember, just because you ignore something or don’t think about it, doesn’t mean it no longer exists.

Humanity: Definition

[hyoo-man-i-tee or, often, yoo-]

Meaning: the quality of being humane; kindness; benevolence.

Synonyms: sympathy, tenderness, goodwill.

2 thoughts on “Look into my Eyes

  1. Stop watching the news, its meant to show us a dangerous world. Believe what you see with your own eyes, not someone else’s narrative.

    Also, chill.

    • Nice to see that you’re completely ignoring what the indian media is not saying about the Chennai floods. Its all part and parcel of what we witness around us. Also, telling someone to chill usually angers them more.

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