Get Out Alive


A lot of the influencers of today seem to have lost the thread of their conversation with the people. They have become as fickle as the crowd they cater to; for they no longer as for equality, they ask for preference.

In India, one is prosecuted from the day one is born- discrimination on gender, caste, religion and numerous other things. Crimes against women are countless. In a country where female Gods are worshipped, everyday there are thousands of female infanticide cases. I wonder what any child could do, to deserve a fate such as that.

Feminists today talk about equality for women, but what are they really fighting for? Are they fighting for a girls reservation system? Oh no, wait- that’s already been taken over by other quotas. Perhaps something as simple as making toilets for women in every Government school? (no, I kid you not about this). Feminists ask to be treated differently in different situations. Quite contradictory.

Recently, said feminists have done their nut, so to say. Apparently, the definition of beauty is now up for discussion. what ever happened to “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”?? We are now being told by different forms of media of what these so called feminists think “real beauty” is. Ladies, real beauty does NOT mean that you stop looking after yourself. It does not mean that you forgo simple hygiene. If you want to put make up, if you want to dress a certain way or eat a certain way, it is up to you. None of these self proclaimed feminists can tell you what beauty is. It’s simply how you feel in your own skin. Learn to focus on your beauty, whether physical or mental.

As for those beautiful ladies who listen to such belligerent foul gits, -Life is short, it is meant to be lived. If people around cant afford to keep up with your exuberance or leave you alone for it, then damn those snarky fools who have nothing to do in their free time except gossip. Yes I know what you’re thinking, sometimes it just gets too much. You can’t always ignore it. Then run. Run like the wind but don’t ever make the mistake of conforming to how they expect you to behave. Not only will you be lying to others, but you will also commit the biggest mistake to yourself, and soon you’ll forget who you are.

So don’t just stand on the sidelines and wish it were different, have the courage to get out alive.

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