Rich Mans World


Governments are made by the rich, for the rich. Money makes money. When countries prosper, the rich prosper while the poor can finally live. Wars are fought by the rich. If you don’t have money to start a business, you can forget about making any more. So honey, “if you aint got no money, get your broke ass home.”

Money makes the world go around, no matter which country you belong to. If you take a look at the worlds’ economy today, you’ll realize that most of the countries of the world are under debt. So where did all the money go? Perhaps in Swiss bank accounts, perhaps it’s stuck in the black market. In India, whichever option you choose, you’ll realize that the main reason why people do this is because they don’t trust their Government. They are tired of having their hard earned money snatched away by the people they voted to get into power, in the form of taxes, just so these people could fill their own pockets.

Human beings are not perfect. That is an understood fact. But to cheat your fellow human being of a better life, a life they are paying for, by cheating them can surely only be seen as an act against humanity. These taxes are levied on everyone. I agree. But to take away a large portion of a persons income when they are already earning a measly amount cannot be justified. Just think, if you ever bought a Ferrari after years of hard work, only to have it taken away from you after a few days as collection for your taxes… wouldn’t you be ready to kill someone in the Government?

But behold, this is but one facet of the story. The collected taxes never see the light of day. These are hardly ever used by the Government for the betterment of society. If you’re thinking that they might spend this on infrastructure, education or even upliftment of women then you are grossly mistaken.

If you’ve ever studied Indian history, you’ll have noticed that our forefathers seemed particularly keen on the “trickle down effect”. They believed that with such a model, any wealth that would accumulate at the top of the pyramid among the rich and educated would automatically trickle down to the lower sections of society, as they believed that their fellow country- men would want to share their benefit. I imagine they forgot to take into consideration the sins that plague humanity. What’s sad though is that no corrective measures are taken toward this. Governments come and go and yet the situation persists. Somehow, all of them worse than the last. But alas, money- it must be funny in a rich mans world.

4 thoughts on “Rich Mans World

  1. A nicely written article.. It makes sense as whole humanity revolves around the simple concept of ‘Trust’.

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