In God We Trust


A new concept seems to have evolved recently. Or maybe its ancient one, I often seem to confuse the two. Now this new concept is that certain spiritual people can survive for an extended period of time on nothing but air and the energy of the Earth.

Somehow, I’ve always imagined energy as a sort of sparkly river flowing across the universe. A river that we humans sometimes tune into and come up with what we call ‘ideas’, a river that we sometimes give the name of Karma or God. But how does one channel in to that river so that it nourishes you? Is the food we eat and all of our natural processes just an illusion? If this were true and possible, the worlds hunger problem would be solved. We could even be the superior race we claim to be.

If one was to go back far enough in Hindu Mythology or any of its ancient books, provided they were still written in Sanskrit, in certain it would tell us exactly how to survive on energy. Sanskrit, till date, remains the most precise language in the world, yet very few people know how to actually read or write it properly. Provided we don’t make our own interpretations of what is actually written of course.

What confounds me though is that when something doesn’t go the way we want it to or plan; we blame this source of energy or ‘God’. Isn’t it true when somebody once said, “What goes around comes around”? I’ve always found that we as humans, love to blame others for our failures and problems. But when will we start looking into ourselves? Try telling yourself the truth. You can’t hide it from Karma, God or any Energy. Might as well stop lying to yourself, you’ll sleep better.

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