Set Fire To The Rain


As humans, we have an awful habit of forgetting along with forgiving. We don’t remember what certain people did to us, and so we never learn from our mistakes. But the more you know yourself; you’ll realize that we put ourselves in exactly the same position that we were before. There’s no excuse. There’s no escape.

What we do to ourselves is beyond comprehension. We ruin our lives. We forgive the boy who left his girlfriend after getting her pregnant, we forgive the mother who stops her daughter from having friends while bullying her into marrying a complete stranger, we forgive the friends who aren’t by our side when we need them the most, we forgive the people who gossip so much, it makes it impossible to get out of your room, we forgive the man who walked out on his family, we forgive the wife who cheated on her husband, we even forgive the guy who kicked that poor puppy off the curb.

Spirituality says that to move on in life and to find happiness again, we must. If we don’t forgive, we become bitter old people who refuse to feel the happiness in life. I agree. We must forgive. But we must never forget. Why, you ask? Because the moment we forget, we make ourselves vulnerable to all of this. It’s the same logic as standing up for a girl who got raped but was denied justice. NOW you’re thinking. Still need proof? Try it out.

Infact, I’m quite certain while you’re trying to rationalize this in your head, you’ll realize you’re the biggest hypocrite. Keeping different standards of measure for different people is morally wrong. Now I’m not trying to be an evangelist by talking about ethics and morals, but isn’t that the line that differentiates us from animals? Well, that and opposable thumbs. We don’t necessarily have to learn from our mistakes only. We can learn from others’. The point is to not be ok with various kinds of douchebags. And this includes people from both genders.

Someone wise once said that people who forget, risk repeating their mistake. Sounds quite logical doesn’t it? So please, stop being ‘ok’ with things. Things are either right or wrong, black or white or maybe even technicolor, but there no grey in there.

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