Jailhouse Rock


Got a ticket from a cop? Check. Shouted at another driver for swerving too close to your car? Check. Spent the night in a slammer? Erm… working on that. But you know, there’s a major problem with spending an innocent night in jail, in India. Even though half of the country would probably be behind bars if all our laws were properly implemented, they still insist on creating trouble for those of us who then apply for a passport. Life is so unfair sometimes.

Growing up, all of us as kids go through the rebellion phase while parents become meddlesome. Atleast so I’ve heard. Unfortunately, in our country children are brought up being told that they aren’t good enough and will never amount to anything in various ways. So, obviously, we spend our entire lives trying to be good enough for our parents. Ofcourse there is always the prodigal cousin, the son or daughter your parents never had. As if that isn’t bad enough, they wonder why your self-esteem is down in the pits and to buck up in life. Seriously?! Do Indian parents have cement lodged in their synapses?!


Run a parallel diagnoses with that and our Indian judicial system and you know which one stemmed from what. Now, obviously I’m not an evangelist on the Indian Constitution, but you can certainly see the similarities. Let me clarify here that I am not trying disgrace our parents, but simply trying to point out parents aren’t always right. There are flaws even in the greater mechanisms of the country, and its ok to admit and rectify them. Try to tell them this and the look they’ll give you would be as if the heavens were falling and the inferno had split open in your living room.


But what if, you could have just one full day of that crazy freedom you crave? A day and night of everything you could do and not get caught? No I don’t mean the serious-make-the-headlines-of-the-paper type of thing. Just something fun that you’ve wanted to do but you happen to be in the wrong profession. Like riding a fire truck, travelling with your dog in a normal compartment of a train and then pulling the emergency chain on said train just to get off in the middle of no where, going to neighborhood’s fat aunty club to tell them that if they don’t get their kids under control, they’re going to have the worst luck for the next 10 year, sneaking into an army compound to take a ‘selfie’ with a tank, or pretending to be an airport check in attendant and upgrading as many people as possible to first class (if someone can help me with things like these, do contact me). That would be a perfect day.


No, I’m not being psychotic. But if you’re going to go to jail for something, might as well be something fun. Just saying.


“I’m not in denial, I’m just picky about the reality I accept”- Calvin (Calvin & Hobbes)


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