Bad Romance


Have you ever been to India? No, I’m not talking about Pakistan or Sri Lanka. I’m talking about India- we just had the world’s largest democratic elections. Yes, that country next to China. We had nearly a billion people vote. Incredible isn’t it? When was the last time you saw more than a few hundred people together?

Indian’s (and I’m not talking about any religious group here) love their country. Yet we’re the first ones to criticize it. We’re the first ones to ruin its face. Most Indian’s have no pride in their country. It’s quite sad, really. Lets take India’s capital city New Delhi for instance- World’s most polluted city. I can’t believe we beat some South-East Asian cities. To this the Delhi Government was quick to respond. ‘Balderdash!’ they said, ‘you didn’t compute the pollution levels of other cities properly.’ Oh well done Government of India. You probably have the little black book of witty responses tucked away in a corner.

But I’d be biased if I only criticized one country’s Government. Lets move a few steps up. Any of you ever tried dealing with the United Nations? Any of its agencies? No I didn’t think so. Most of us haven’t. I remember applying for a job there once. Apparently they need doctors to do a managers job. There’s no possible way a person without work experience can even think of getting in. Apparently everyone has worked in the right place for ten years.

But that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Try applying for a job there- go on, I dare you. If you can find a job opening to match you (as if!) you’ll get an email about 3 months later saying you’ve been selected as an intern with an entire epilogue of documents you need to send before you can take the next breath. Yet you make the blunder of taking that breath and penning down a polite query as to how you had been selected for an internship, when you had applied for a job. Big mistake. Three days later, you’ll get a curt response from a vague sounding fellow that the internship applied for has already been filled by another. This leaves you feeling utterly bemused as to your own capabilities of both reading and writing.

Perhaps they just don’t want help. There are so many doctors and engineers running around waiting to do exactly the opposite of what they were trained to do. Jerks. How is one supposed to get work experience if no one is going to give you a job? Couple of genii we live with. *rolls eyes* Sometimes, I suppose we’re just stuck in a bad romance. We cant get out and the while we’re in the system, we whine about it. Grass really is greener on the other side isn’t it?

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