There are times when you feel like your world is collapsing, when you cant breath, when you wonder why the person you love with all your being doesn’t want to understand you anymore. You feel like you’ve lost a bit of your soul. Someone once asked me, “How can you love someone who doesn’t give a damn about you?” Today I have an answer to that- because the moment you fall in love, you let go of any sense of self-preservation.You realize in that moment that nothing, no pain, would ever come close to the pain you would feel after loosing the person you care about so deeply. That pain when even your own life holds no score.

 To love so deeply takes an immense amount of courage. You bare your heart to another human being who you know can hurt you to no end, but still you give in believing, trusting that he or she wont. I’ve recently realized that very few people have the ability to love so completely, so deeply. This is the kind of love that every girl was brought up with, surround by fairytales. This is the kind of love people mock now days because love is a myth, or so it is believed. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you todays generation who greatly believes that one should not expect anything of the other *applause*. 

sunset- classroomNow I really want to understand this, as this concept completely and incessantly evades me. I’ve constantly been told that just because you love someone doesn’t mean that they love you back. Now for fear of setting off my younger audience, I’m going to use a very colloquial line- babe, then have the strength to stop caring and let them destroy themselves! Many of you would contemplate the thought that love and pain go hand in hand. I disagree. I’ve had the fortune of falling in love and let me tell you, it was the most heart rendering feeling in the world. It felt as if someone had poured honeysuckle on a chapter of my life.

Quite a few of us are atelophobic. I concur to be one of them. As such we try to make life for our partner absolutely perfect. But here I’m about to disappoint you because you’ll soon come to realize that nothing is ever good enough for the people we fall in love with. Over time, not even us. We will only ever be loved when they need us. Not when we need them. And THAT my friends is the only painful part. Nay! The only one that matters. Here’s to all those who have loved and lost, to the idiot who said it is better to have done so than to never have loved (I’m pretty sure he had no idea what he was talking about) and to replacing love with fondness. Cheers! Now go drink yourself silly.

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