It’s a relatively new concept. Chopsticks or forks. Chopsticks have stood their ground with the test of time. Forks have twisted time itself. Arguably, forks are easier to use as compared to chopsticks but usually, the harder path is more fruitful.  Here’s a painful yet true fact, and I kid you not about this – chopsticks are healthier than forks. These wondrously shaped pieces of wood reduce the amount of food we eat.

It’s quite astounding when you think about how many of the things that our ancestors came up with are still very much relevant today. Ironically, we have many a time, simply discarded the old way of thinking when it so clearly promises prosperity and longevity. For one thing, we went from the world wars to globalization to economic depression in a little under a century. Conceivably, life in the fast track has its disadvantages; but I for one have never heard of the share market in a Barter economy having a meltdown.

Technology, I concur, was clearly not on the same level. Some changes were good. Travel and communication has made growth in leaps and bounds. We were suddenly traveling on the speed of sound and flying in metal birds. And suddenly, we didn’t have to wait for the next hermit to come along with his donkey to send a message to our cousin in the next country; for which we are grateful. Industrialization certainly speeded us along in the process of learning how to save time while simultaneously melt glaciers.

A revolution in the agricultural field helped satiate our hunger, but at what cost? Pesticides have entered our system because we have no answer to a problem we ourselves seem to have created. We have abused mother earth to a point where she refuses to evolve any longer for our benefit. I suppose that the ancients were on to something when they spoke of nature as magical and feared her power. Even in a slight shake of disagreement, nature can destroy entire countries. We have begun to reconsider ourselves as the centre of the universe; one thought we can’t seem to dispense off even though its been proven that we revolve around the sun, not the other way around. It is once again time to come out of the dark ages and see the light.

Change is good; but not at the cost of our future, NOT at the cost of our lives. So why not try some of the wisdom of the past that seems most relevant now? It may seem time consuming, irrational or even downright annoying at times, but then chopsticks do keep us healthy even though forks are more convenient, easier and faster.  After all, Life is the most fragile and unpredictable thing we have, lets not make it play seesaw.

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