Every year the same disputes take place. Every year we become quarrelsome, irate and sometimes even downright nasty around the same time of the year; and this time we cant blame the hormones. Here is the phrase that gets us so infuriated that we dissent- vote bank politics. Not only is this phrase liberally applied in the political arena, but can now also be employed by those seeking education.

Delhi University re-opened for admissions. What instigated this unexpected event would surprise even the soundest of minds;the quota seats, which are reserved for various underprivileged and ethnic groups, could not be fully occupied by the above mentioned. What is most amusing about this situation is that these places for higher education at finer institutes were fought for at an earlier time, and were granted in the hopes that the concerned community would support those who made this change.

But something that irks every scholar, apprentice and learner is that they have to fight for something that is promised to them. Everyday we hear of another death by a student because he/she was not accepted in the desired college. But what really triggers a person to take away the one thing that truly belong to them- their life? Watching someone who put in less than half the effort they themselves did and see them being accepted, literally drives people off the edge.

There have been protests and demonstration. The bureaucracy could have helped change this a long time ago. But that step was not taken. Whether they are ignorant, quiescent or masochistic towards others, only they themselves know.  While this issue is for the masses, it does not directly concern them. An even more disconcerting and perplexing incident took place with Jaswant Singh.

A BJP co-founder and long time supporter, Jaswant Singh’s book mainly expressed his own opinions and findings. At a time where his book could manage to create more than a ripple in the political and religious worlds, which seem to run parallel to one another, his beloved party members washed their hand off him. In order to save themselves from public humiliation, Mr. Singh was expelled from their midst.

Without the collaboration from the BJP, Jaswant Singh was made to face the firing squad himself.  One of their own had to face the wrath of the problem they refused to solve- religious explosions. What the BJP failed to realize is that had they not severed off the alliance, it would have brought in a higher vote bank in their favor, one of faith. And so, another debate is lost, another variety of hope shattered.

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